GST Health Check Up

GST in India has undergone substantial changes. We could see hundreds of notifications and circulars.



Apart from circulars and notifications, there is a lot of Advance Ruling which are issued by the Authorities.  It is difficult for the internal teams to keep a track of all this and keep updating the processes accordingly. The mandatory GST audit has been done away with, to increase the responsibility of the GST payers drastically. 


We have a specialized team that handles only complex health check assignments under the GST domain. We help with a routine review of the GST-related processes and adaption to the updates. Also, handle due diligence to be carried out before a transaction of the target company. Apart from the legal changes, we get involved in understanding the processes and accuracy. of the returns filed by such companies

How can APMH help?

GST Healthcare Compliance a Preventive Tool

-> Handling the Form 9A and 9C verification before doing the self-certification

-> Due diligence under the GST domain as a part of a merger, acquisition, takeover, etc

-> Routine health check of the GST compliance and change management

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