GST Compliance

Under the GST regime in India, businesses are required to register in each state where they have a permanent establishment. This has increased the compliance burden as it involves multiple state registrations and frequent return filings.


The dynamics of Indirect Tax compliance have changed with the advent of GST. The companies who were having singular centralized registrations under service tax are suddenly required to have multiple registrations. Even though GST is a unified tax, it calls for registration in each state wherein there is a permanent establishment of business in any manner. India being the federal structure of the economy, calls for a share of tax by each state in the case of Indirect Tax which is GST.


Increase In Compliance Under GST

Need of Talent for GST Compliance


Multiple state Registration means multiple returns. There shall be three filings per month for each registration. Also, every month, one needs to worry about the cross-matching of credits and reconciliation of the returns accordingly. The talent required, especially with organizations having a presence in multiple states, for this kind of compliance is much higher than that required by the erstwhile laws.


Team APMH Expertise

GST Compliance Services


APMH has built expertise to handle a complete indirect tax compliance life cycle. Starting from extracting the data from the ERP system, to sense checking the data from a GST standpoint to validating the required fields, to advising on the reasoning for mismatch, to filing the returns, and ultimately supporting the update in the ERP system. 


This team also handles the regular refund applications for GST in the case of export-oriented companies and follow-ups for the claims. The enterprise GST compliance team also does day-to-day consulting with regards to GST by the corporate. Apart from this, the entire knowledge transfer is smoothly managed by the APMH team to make corporates assured about regular GST compliance.


APMH also handles GST compliance for Electronic Commerce Operator, Composition Dealer, and Input Service Distributors (ISD). Annual compliances like GST Annual Return is part of our forte.

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