March 2020 has been a challenging month for all businesses. Corona Virus (COVID 19) has caused significant disruptions in the business activities of the companies. Amongst those challenges one of the biggest challenges for the companies and auditors is to conduct physical inventory count. This could be due to safety concerns, lockdown, and health.

COVID 19 has brought us to a special situation wherein auditing has become a big issue. Especially from the perspective of physical vouching, physical asset verification, and stock verification. Having said that, the larger organization are wanting to keep rolling with the time. They want to get this done right in time so that they can progress with all other aspects of their development. The issues like stringent guidelines followed by some of the Big 4 auditors and the availability of the right people on the plant, people understanding technology on the plant are holding the company back from finishing their audits. This being very technical in nature and calls for accounting knowledge, knowledge of software like SAP, Tally, and other ERPs, it cannot be outsourced to a non-CA firm. Also, it calls for the knowledge and acumen about technology like video conferencing, remote access, and reconciliations in the MS Excel. 

APMH has a presence right in the industrial MIDC area of Roha in the Raigad district. Our technology team at Mumbai and the team of Chartered Accountants can help in online support anywhere in the world. APMH Roha office which is equipped with a partner, a senior logistics expert, and a good on-ground team. APMH Roha office is near and equipped to handle your stock counts and audit support in the MIDC locations of Mahad, Vile, Khopoli, Khalapur, Lote, Taloja, and Rasayni.

We can provide the following support onsite for the units around Roha, Mahad, Khalapur, Khopoli, Vile, Taloja, and Rasayni:
1. Physical Inventory Stock count support 
2. Facing the auditors and giving them comfort for expediting the audits

We can provide even following offline remote support for the manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world
1. Helping the available team at the plant with the reconciliation and reporting to the auditors.
2. Hardware and software support with ZOOM, Video conferencing, and ERPs like SAP, AX, Tally and so on. 

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