APMH provides independent advice on the financing of major projects for a wide variety of industries. We are highly active in fundraisings for high growth private and public businesses. Working with private companies we offer access to a wide network of high net worth individuals, venture capital, and private equity contacts. We are able to offer private companies an array of possible funding solutions as they seek to raise capital and continue to grow. In doing so, we capitalize our network and knowledge of the finance markets to provide our clients with clear analysis of their options and the impact of alternative funding routes for them.

APMH Fund Raising Services

Framework With A Rigorous Approach

We also provide advisory services in relation to refinancing short term finance with longer term banking or capital market structures to extend a company’s debt maturity profile, increase certainty and broaden the range of funding options.

There are various types of Funding in relation to Developer Funding, Hotel Funding, Acquisition Funding, Infrastructure Funding, Retail Finance & many more.

Fundraising services include, for both private and public-sector funding:

• Scheduled regular consultations on fundraising strategy

• Assistance with fundraising, including introductions to potential investors, and negotiations with interested investors.

• Assistance with other negotiations, including obtaining licenses for intellectual property.

• Assessment of the company's qualification for public-sector funding programs and recommendations for appropriate programs.

How Can APMH Add Value To Your Growth Endeveour

Our Specialised Team

We at APMH have qualified teams who have enormous experience in this business and have worked with various promoters and industries across the country and has helped them in syndication/monitoring of their project loans and financial modeling/structuring of their projects

APMH has maintained ethics,excellence and leadership in its fund raising services to make transformational contribution towards the growth of the clients.We at APMH strive to assure that your business gets the right and appropriate funding in accordance with your financial plans.

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