Security of organization’s assets is a growing concern along with the scaling up. It is critical for the management and stakeholders like financial creditors like Bankers, Equity investors and Operational Creditors to work with some of the consulting firm who has developed the risk practice around the Professional Skepticism. We undertake forensic audits at the specific request of the management or regulator like RBI and SFIO to detect fraud, misconduct or financial irregularities to increase the overall efficiency and identifying the chances of fraud or misappropriation of resources.

Why APMH ?

APMH is one of the few Indian forensic audit firms empanelled with SFIO in India with experience across industry verticals for conducting forensic audits and investigations. APMH is also registered with RBI as Category I statutory auditor.

In the scenario of stringent legal framework and compliance with the regulatory authorities, the Companies require Independent and professional Forensic Audit team for investigation of such irregularities in an organization. The variety of situations where such independent approach will be required can be classified as suspicious transaction, Financial Reporting Fraud, Misappropriation of Assets, Bribery and Corruption, Misfit Business relationships, formulating a whistle blower policy, dispute resolution, infringement of rights etc.

Our Forensic Audit Team

CA Mitesh Katira, Partner of APMH is a FAFP qualified Forensic Auditor from ICAI. Apart from this, APMH has a team of experts in this niche from IT, internal audit and business advisory background.

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The Power of Being Understood...

How Can APMH Help You ?

• Overall fraud and misconduct risk assessment

• Reviews of internal fraud controls, compliance, anti-fraud and corporate ethics programs

• Comprehensive and practical advice concerning all aspects of fraud risk management

• Assist management in the design and implementation of fraud prevention frameworks, including corporate codes of ethics and conduct, fraud response policies, fraud prevention controls, communications, monitoring and prevention policies and standards<br

• Review of business processes and internal control structure from the perspective of fraud risk management and prevention

• Compliance assessments related to fraud risk management and prevention

• Ensure that there are no Preferential Transactions, Undervalued Transactions, Related Party transactions & Extortionate transactions specifically for the cases in Resolution Process under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

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