A Decision Support System (DSS) is a decision-making tool which offers users a model to structure problems and review alternative solutions prior to selecting a course of action

Why DSS?

Companies are growth hungry. Sales are one thing that all want to increase. Sales are dependent on various factors. Data is the new Oil.ll It is very important to understand what is impacting sales? Product Category, customer types, Geography, Sales team and so on.

It’s critical to draw up a great sales analysis so as to strategize the right moves. It helps to narrow down the top aspects that need focus to create a domino effect.


APMH has a team with a great combination of Chartered Accountants and Technology experts. With its great expertise in the field of advisory to small and medium corporates, APMH  has worked on various assignments including strategising and development of right dashboards which the right people can see at right time.

We work with Power Bi, Microsoft Excel and R programming as our main tools for developing solutions with lightening spead and good Returns on Investments. 


The sales dashboards can help to visualize the data from various different databases in one place. These dashboards are quite interactive with multilevel easy filters for reaching out to the root cause of an issue. With all the high class visualizing possibilities, the dashboards have capabilities of updating and refreshing on the go with updates in the data. Also, there is a possibility of making available select stuff to the right people at the right time.

Dashboards once develop, can take the business to the next level. We call this as maturity model. A need to improve the quality of data collection at different levels may be felt. The Businesses may realize the need for pivot or perverse into a particular activity or product basis the depth of data available. We help strategize and implement this next level of data collection possibility.

There are many on the fly decisions to trigger actions at the right time. There are derivative of the dashboards developed and systematic periodical reviews of the Mis. Actionable is critical to put in place the conclusions drawn. They are important to derive from the target outcome. They help incorporate the policy into software and automate triggers. APMH can help develop these data-driven actionable triggers. 

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