What is Advance Ruling under GST ? There are certain trade specific ambiguities under the GST law which keep the businesses worried. They may be with respect to the rate applied to their commodities or with respect to the place of supply, time of supply, availability of the Input tax credits and so on.

To put this ambiguity to rest, without waiting for the matter to reach the litigation level when it is too late for the company to change the course, it can opt for applying for the "Advance Ruling". Advance Ruling means the one wherein the competent authority gives a ruling clarifying the position of law in a specific situation or in backdrop of the specific facts of the applicant.

The chances of challenging this stand at the later stage are very less and one can continue to follow the ruling while doing the business.  

This is covered by Sec 97(2) and 100(1) of the CGST Act 2017. 

Why APMH ?

1. Deep knowledge of legal framework and provisions of the GST Laws
2. Continuous updation of the notifications and circulars with respect to the GST Laws
3. Team of senior Chartered Accountants who have handled various representations and litigations under indirect tax laws.
4. Understanding of various clients pertaining from different sectors, turnover sizes and business models. 

APMH Service Offerings:

1. Advisory on the legal standing of a particular question under the GST Law
2. Advisory on decision regarding application to Advance Ruling Authority
3. Preparation and Submission of brief with the Advance Ruling Authority
4. Attendance of hearing on behalf of the client in front of the Advance Ruling Authority     

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