Crypto Industry

Crypto Currency the next generation of holding currency.

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Crypto Currency is becoming an industry in itself with various stake holders and increased interest by the unicorn promoters like Elon Musk. 


The key stake holders are tech companies doing ICO or initial coin offerings, traders into the crypto markers, investors, miners of the crypto currencies.


We at APMH have been studying and understanding the Blockchain and supporting the clients to build their initial models for accounting of the Crypt transactions. Also helping Crypto currency stake holders for planning and reporting these transactions in with various regulatory authorities. 


APMH team setup the accounting manual for a crypto trading company established in Estonia with an US exposed shareholder. Also, the tech team of APMH participated and did the book keeping for a complex and voluminous transactions. 


APMH team has been tracking the updates in the Crypto industry closely and also the possible legal and tax implications so as to be at it's best to support such crypto currency stake holders.

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