06-Aug-2022 "Mission First Attempt" along with CA Articleship

CA Mitesh Katira

As APMH, we are having our mission "To Give More than What We Got". This is not only for clients. The same is the mission of our team.. mainly for Articles students interning at APMH doing their Chartered accountancy.

We have been organizing the motivation, follow-up and development programs for the students. 


We have now started a program called "Mission First Attempt" for the article students working in our Mumbai office and also for others. This is focused on only Final CA students as of now.


CA Rahul Modi, a ranker professor running his education venture called Ednovate is partnering with this initiative. 


Here are my notes regarding his first session:


  1. 1. Work on backlog like binge-watching a web series
  2. 2. Take upon weak subjects first. 
  3. 3. Follow the timesheet approach to make yourself accountable for your studies. At least study one and half hours daily from the day you have started from Articleship. 
  4. 4. Use a structured peer review model wherever you are interning. 
  5. 5. Mentorship by an academic expert like Rahul. 
  6. 6. Have a dream mark sheet for yourself. See it daily. 
  7. 7. Sleep well but don't sleep more than six hours. These two hours can definitely help you cover up on your daily schedule. 
  8. 8. Keep up your writing practice. You ultimately have to present the subject in writing ultimately in the exams. 
  9. 9. Don't judge yourself with mock tests. Use them for points you want to improve on. 
  10. 10.Approach, presentation and attitude development are important apart from studies. 
  11. 11. Voice records important things you want to remember and listen to them repeatedly. 

What is not covered


  1. 1. No coaching
  2. 2. No doubt solving

This program is planned online / offline with Rahul Modi supported by a senior passionate office leader and more regularly with peers. 


We slotted the students into attempts like May 24, Nov 24, May 23, and Nov 23. We planned to meet the students in all reviews in these groups. 


There will be a designed excel objective sheet with the subject, chapter, topics and time data which will be seen by peers, leaders, and even the mentor.


We as APMH and Ednovate are largely sure that this initiative will be getting more and more great CAs for the society from the article students which are part of this program. Having said that, we are open to shape this program as we get feedback, we see the data and we see the results. 


Do share your ideas and feed about this on [email protected] or DM on Instagram handle @apmhconsulting. 

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