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CS Amita Alke

B.Com, LLB, Company Secretary with 2 Years of Experience.

Secretarial Services and NCLT
A Qualified Company Secretary from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), Amita has completed her L.L.B. from Mumbai University. She has joined APMH firm in the Secretarial Department and has experience of more than a year. Her expertise lies in the Field of Company Law and Corporate Governance. She has upto date knowledge in the matters of Company Law, Corporate Governance, Ministry of Corporate Affair (MCA), Registrar of Company (ROC). Conversion of a Private limited Company into LLP, Incorporation of Private Limited Company and LLP, Closure of Private Limited Company and LLP, Filing various returns with RBI and Annual Filing of Private Limited Company, Public Company and LLP . She assists in all the matters related to Corporate Governance and Company Law.She has also assisted in NCLT related matters like documentation for petition, attending committee of creditors meeting(COC), drafting Minutes and notices for COC.
Transmission of Shares
Author: CS Amita Alke
Published At: 15-Apr-2019
A transmission of interest in shares of a company, of a deceased member of the company, made by the legal representative of a deceased member shall be considered as transmission of shares by operation of law. This transmission will be registered by a company in the Register of Members’
Mandatory filing of Return of Deposits (Form DPT-3) for all Companies
Author: CS Amita Alke
Published At: 12-Apr-2019
All about DPT 3 Mandatory Filling. What information to be provided, Due dates of DPT3, all you need to know about DPT -3 FORM
Registering a Private Limited Company in India
Author: CS Amita Alke
Published At: 10-Apr-2019
Private Limited Company is the most prevalent and popular type of corporate legal entity in India. Private limited company registration is governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies Act, 2013
Provisions relating to Transfer of Share by Private Companies
Author: CS Amita Alke
Published At: 10-Apr-2019
The provisions related to the transfer of shares are provided under Section 56 of the Companies Act 2013 and Rule 11 of Companies Rules 2014.Transfer of shares refers to the transfer of ownership. Shares of a company are movable property and thus can be transferred like any other property.
SEBI (LODR) (Sixth Amendment) Regulations
Author: CS Amita Alke
Published At: 27-Nov-2018
SEBI vide its notification dated November 16, 2018 notified sixth amendment of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations.
Winding Up of a Company
Author: CS Amita Alke
Published At: 21-Jun-2018
The winding-up of a company may be either voluntary or compulsory. A voluntary winding-up may take peace either by a provision of the articles of association, or by a resolution passed by the shareholders in general meeting.
Amendment In Threshold Limit Of Related Party Transactions
Author: CS Amita Alke
Published At: 08-Jan-2020
With a view to simplifying the provisions relating to related party transactions, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) had on 18th day of November 2019 issued a notification concerning enforcement of Companies (Meeting of Board and its Powers) Second Amendment Rules, 2019 vide which it has amended the threshold limits in sub-rule 3 of rule 15

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