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Major Relief For MSME Borrowers Registered Under Goods & Services Tax (GST) (Circular dt. 7th Feb,2018)

Posted By: CA Hemant J Mehta

The RBI has given a loan-repayment breather to GST-registered micro, small and medium (MSMEs),whose cash flows were affected due to implementation of the Goods and Services Tax regime.

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Government Approves Change In The Criteria For Classifying MSME’s

Posted By: CA Manan Trivedi

The Cabinet has approved a change in the basis of classifying Micro, Small and Medium enterprises from ‘investment in plant & machinery/equipment’ to ‘annual turnover’. Criteria Now Based On Annual Turnover Not Investment.This will encourage ‘ease of doing business’, make the norms of classification growth oriented and align them to the new tax regime revolving around GST (Goods & Services Tax).

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GST Refund

Posted By: Jay Parekh

GST is all about a smooth flow of funds and compliances till the end. To facilitate such a smooth flow, it is imperative for the Government to provide for a hassle-free refund process. The current tax structure is cumbersome, and it takes months and sometimes years to get refunds from the Government’s basket.In this article, we’ve covered the GST refund in brief.

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