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Mega KYC (Know Your Customer) Drive For Company Director

Posted By: CS Amita Alke

The ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) is planning to launch an initiative to conduct a mass know your customer (KYC) drive of company directors, according to MCA secretary . The process will atleast require a passport, permanent account number (PAN) and contact details.Through this drive,the government is trying to crack down all the shell companies.

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GST Return Discrepancy Notices & DRC - 03

Posted By: Jay Parekh

Many would have started getting notices in the FORM GST ASMT-10 seeking explanation for the discrepancies observed by the concerned officer

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Why Is Real Estate Funding Difficult And Always Comes At A High Price?

Posted By: CA Malhar Mehta

Real estate as a sector is highly cyclical in nature and gets affected by the vagaries of economy. The industry is highly capital intensive and any dip in demand can have significant impact on the development of the project and its eventual closure.

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