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VAT Law Key Differences Between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Posted By: CA Amlesh Gupta

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have already implemented Value Added Tax (VAT), on 1st January 2018. TheVAT rate is 5 percent which is the lowest tax rate in the world. Although it seems much similar from a particular point of view, still it has some differences between them according to the plan of roll out.

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Guide To E-Way Bill

Posted By: CA Mitesh Katira

As the name suggests an E-Way Bill is an online bill that will be used for supply of goods under GST. E-way bill will need to be issued before goods are dispatched and it would be important to carry E-way bill for the goods in transit as an authorized officer can intercept the conveyance/trucks to verify e-way bill.Here's a guide to E - Way Bill.

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What Shall Happen To Ongoing Tax & Other Proceedings Once Application For Insolvency Is Accepted By The NCLT?

Posted By: CA Manan Trivedi

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code passed by the Parliament is a welcome overhaul of the existing framework dealing with insolvency of corporates, individuals, partnerships and other entities. The Code has laid down the effects on the existing proceedings of the entity undergoing the insolvency process.

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